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  • Our FTP website


    click here to ftp your files

    Clicking this link prompts you to download a file.. this is a shortcut to our FTP folder. Save the file to your desktop, open the shortcut from your desktop called “SWCL_FTP-FOLDER” enter the password & transfer your files. This by-passes any web browser issues. The shortcut is Windows only, tested with XP & VISTA. Please send us an email advising us of you instructions when your upload is complete.

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FTP problems?

please call 01803 666640 to obtain username & password)

Internet explorer 7/8 users: To add files to this FTP site you must use Windows Explorer.
In Internet Explorer once you have entered the username and password into the popup box, the screen will load and you will see “FTP root at” and a list (directory) of the containing folders. The ftp site cannot be moddified from this screen, to upload your files you will need to click ‘view’ from the top menu, and then click ‘Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer’, or click ‘page’ then ‘open FTP site in windows explorer’ as in the picture below


Firefox users may experience difficulties, unforunately we have not yet worked out how to adjust the settings in the browser to allow a proper connection.

Whichever browser you use, you can connect to the site directly following this method. Copy the link from the address bar in your browser having clicked the link on our home page and paste it into the address bar in Windows Explorer… open any folder or open ‘My computer’ – the address bar is below the back and forward buttons. If it is not visible, right click to the right of the help menu (in a space – don’t right click the word help) and check ‘address bar’, also make sure ‘lock toolbars’ is unchecked – move the address bar to the left if it is on the far right side of the window, by hovering your cursor over the 4 dots next to the word address and draging the toolbar to the left.

JAD / SWPM ftp site

If you are experiencing problems uploading your images using the Jorgensen ftp site, you can either contact us using the details on our contact page here, or contact South West Photo Mounts who host the JAD upload site, on 0800 136411


Only two of the pc’s we have in house run Vista & none run Windows 7, therefore our experience with those operating systems is limited, unless the fix is identical for Vista as it is for XP – but this is unlikely. Please direct your problems connecting through Vista to your prefered Vista help forum.

Please do not pass on the FTP connection details to any other users (outside of your company) without our prior consent.


To upload files to our FTP site from an Apple Mac you need to install an independent ‘FTP client’ application.
For this we recommend Cyberduck as its free & easy to use (other software is available, pick the one that suits you – settings below should work in all software).
Cyberduck direct download is below (will start downloading automatically when clicked) – (Intel/PPC Mac OS X 10.4 or later required.) – (Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard compatible beta. Intel Mac OS X 10.5 or later required.)
Once installed as per the read me instructions (attached) – create new bookmark (shift + apple + B) & give it the settings:

Nickname = SWCL FTP
URL – (when finished should say URL:
Protocol = FTP
Server = (don’t add ftp:// in front)
Port =21
Username = ftpswcl

Click more options:

Path = /
Connect mode = Passive (change to active if it drops the connection)
Encoding = UTF-8

Leave the rest as default settings.

To save these settings for next time, click bookmark on the top menu (File.. Edit.. View.. etc. *Bookmark*) then click ‘New Bookmark’, you can then close the bookmark window as it will automatically have saved these settings.
Once the above is entered click the red circle, top left of the window to close the box.
In the cyberduck window (window has old style lined paper effect in the middle – alternating blue & white stripes) at the top you should see a ‘quick connect’ drop down, click it & select SWCL FTP that you just created.
It should now ask for the password – **PLEASE CALL 01803 666640 TO OBTAIN LOGIN DETAILS**
If there is the option to add that password to your keychain then do it – it will save you having to put it in next time.
You should now be connected with our FTP & see the same folders as before:-

‘Jorgensen Gloss’
‘Jorgensen Lustre’


If the prints you are uploading are for a Jorgensen album – please navigate through the folders until you have got to sRGB & Adobe98 folders – drag & drop your work into either of these – whichever is correct for your images

If it is just for normal prints then leave the window so you can see ‘Jorgensen Gloss’ etc. – make sure the folder you are transferring has your name on so we can identify it as yours then drag it into the lined window (making sure its on a blank line) & it will start to transfer.

The software should give you a guide as to how long it will take to upload – when it has completely finished uploading, please email – to say it has finished & to confirm what you want to happen with the prints.