Miscellaneous outdoor

  • The best and easiest solution for portable and temporary signage fixings.
    Very suitable for promotional boards.


    • Attaches to any perfectly smooth surface (glass, metal etc.)
    • Suitable for any material up to 10mm thick
    • simple to use, reposition or change graphic
    • The sign will be at 90 degrees to the surface
    • Soft protective rubber suction cup
  • _wsb_340x323_limpit+2+oficial


  • Consists of a white board with 4 suction cups enabling the board to be fitted without drilling.
    Suitable for indoor and outdoor.
    It can be tiled to any smooth non-porous surface where drilling is impossible or undesirable
    (e.g. Inside shop windows, Banks & Building Societies, tiled areas in sports centers/hospitals etc.)

    • Anodized aluminium frame
    • White melamine finish on both sides
    • Can be viewed both sides when fitted to a window
    • Lightweight
    • Easy to use and reposition
    • Soft protective rubber suction cups
  • _wsb_334x252_limpit+oficial+modificat+rez+mica