Professional schools package printing

What sizes can I have? How much does it cost?
Example 2 @ 5×7 prints in strut mounts £2.50 and 4 @ 2�x3� prints with strut mounts £1.25. Total for each pack from each negative printed £3.75
What we require from you:

      • Unprocessed 35mm film (we will not accept obscure brands).
      • Digital files
      • Correct exposure with a constant light source.
      • Same background throughout.

No less than 15 printable exposures per film.
What we provide:

      • The testing of 3 negatives per film/digital files to obtain best possible results.
      • Our choice of best expression when two or more of the same subject occurs.
      • Your selected pack is dustbusted, trimmed and, if applicable, strut mounted.
      • Strut mounted packs will be individually bagged

Unmounted prints will be bagged as one set.


*supplied with struts but unmounted